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What is Solvd.Laba?
Let us introduce you to our educational initiative. We aim at training and retraining final-year students and junior professionals wishing to redirect their careers.

For over five years of work, tutors at Solvd.Laba have developed their proprietary teaching methodology. It's based on training in practical skills that our graduates may apply to real-life commercial projects and teach them an understanding of business specifics.
About us
Solvd, Inc. services Fortune 500 clients and provides quality-driven Software Development services and Test Automation solutions.

Our deep tech expertise and proprietary testing products let us develop solutions for the innovative markets of the USA, Israel, the UK and Scandinavia.

Solvd is listed in the Clutch 1000 service providers across the world. We also partner with Siguler Guff, a global investment firm that supports innovations and digital transformation.

Our international company is open to cultural diversity and supports humanitarian values. We have headquarters located in Roseville, CA and seven development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. There is also a sales office in Hungary.
Want to be one of us and work on top projects? Start at Solvd.Laba!
We offer free training courses: Manual QA, Test Automation and Web Development.
How to enroll
Fill in the form at the bottom and attach your CV and resume in English
Pass an interview with our recruiter.
Pass interview with our tutor
Life Hack
Don't mention in your resume technologies with which you are not confident. We'll clarify your competence during the interview.
Keep it short: try to fit everything on one page.
Our Courses in Numbers
500+ students
Students Who Have Completed Our Courses
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Years of Combined Experience That Our Tutors Have
I was totally surprised by the level of teaching in the course. It far exceeded my expectations, and I think that the professors and the company's work group are doing an excellent job.
Alexis Villamayor
Test Automation Engineer
The course gives in-depth coverage of all fundamental skills that every software engineer should possess. Each topic involves a theoretical explanation and real-life examples, coding conventions, and best practices. And the instructors demonstrate a long-standing experience in the subject. Overall, it greatly exceeded my expectations.
Victor Lazo
Test Automation Engineer
This course fully met my expectations. It opened my mind to the Java world. After a month and a half of the first lecture, I felt more self-confident to start a project having all the new knowledge that Solvd's tutors had given me.
Luis German Barrera
Test Automation Engineer
I have to say that this course not only met my expectations but also exceeded them. I learned more about Java in a single month than I did during four months of studying by myself. Andrew Nazarenko is a great lecturer, and his explanations are so informative and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to starting the new stage of SQL and then diving into automation!
Mariano Jauregui
Manual QA Engineer
When does the course start? How do I know?
As the group is formed. You will receive a notification by email.
How much does the course cost?
Our course is free of charge since we are interested in training competent specialists for our company.
Do I need to have experience in coding to start?
Our course is focused on learning from scratch, but if you already have any experience then this will be a big plus for you.
Are there any age restrictions?
We are against ageism. The only thing that you need to always remember is that the course is intensive and will take up almost all of your free time.
Is it possible to work and study at the same time?
Yes, it is possible. But keep in mind that in this case you will have a very high load and you need to assess whether you are ready to devote all your time and energy only to work and study.
What do I need for the first / subsequent lessons?
Your desire to learn and a computer.