Java Test
Automation Course

We have temporarily suspended applications for this course.
Best students will be employed
4 months
2 times a week
in the morning
in the USA, Argentina and Georgia
Online remote
What's it about?
Our online course is a set of training sessions that covers the basics of software development and includes such topics as version control tools, Java programming language, clean code writing practices, basics of testing, and test automation.
Course program
Basic and Specific cases in Web automation testing
  • procedure programming fundamentals
  • data types
  • primitive and linked datatypes
  • functions and recursion
  • classes, objects
  • oop
  • Object.class
  • git basics
  • string and static
  • java io and exceptioning
  • java collections framework
  • git branches
  • generics
  • threads
  • streams lambdas optional
  • java memory internals
  • SQL
  • SQL theory basics
  • DDL
  • DML

  • Group project based on the topics above
Basic and Specific cases in Mobile automation testing (Android)
  • Carina by Qaprosoft framework
  • API testing
  • Web testing
  • Mobile testing (Android)

  • maven
  • serialization
  • xml, xpath
  • json
  • http
  • mybatis
How to enroll
Fill in the form below attaching
your cover letter and CV in English
Pass interview
with a recruiter
Pass interview
with a lecturer
Useful Tips
Do not mention in your CV technologies you are not confident at. We'll anyway clarify it during the interview.
Keep it short. Try to fit in everything on a single page.
currently pursuing or already have a bachelor's/master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar.
motivation to study
be ready to devote at least 20 hours a week to studying
computer literacy
understanding of computer science basics, the ability to work with various operating systems
English level
both spoken and written
Andrew Nazarenko
Head of Test Automation Department. Has 10+ years of experience in development, software engineering in test, and DevOps. Engaged in building solutions for automated testing, team management.
Facts about the course
100+ students
have completed our courses
of those who passed the courses were employed
30+ years
of shared experience of the lectures
Students' Reviews
Personally, I think the Solvd Test Automation course was a great opportunity to improve both technical and soft skills. I want to point out that it required lots of research and self-learning, which I consider a plus because it's the best way to learn in my opinion. Having said that, I'm more than glad to have taken the course, which ultimately allowed me to start a career in the IT field.
Maia Stulic Fontan
Test Automation Engineer
My experience in Solvd courses was very productive. In Andrey's classes we learned the basic principles of the object-oriented paradigm along with a strong practice of java, the selenium framework and good practices in both the code and the work methodology, leaving me at a competitive theoretical practical level.

Luca De Maio
Test Automation Engineer
When does the course start? How do I know?
As the group is formed. You will receive a notification by email.
How much does the course cost?
Our course is free of charge since we are interested in training competent specialists for our company.
Do I need to have experience in coding to start?
Our course is focused on learning from scratch, but if you already have any experience then this will be a big plus for you.
Are there any age restrictions?
We are against ageism. The only thing that you need to always remember is that the course is intensive and will take up almost all of your free time.
Is it possible to work and study at the same time?
Yes, it is possible. But keep in mind that in this case you will have a very high load and you need to assess whether you are ready to devote all your time and energy only to work and study.
What do I need for the first / subsequent lessons?
Your desire to learn and a computer.
We have temporarily suspended applications for this course.
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