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We are accepting applications up until January 31, 2024 from applicants located in Argentina and Poland.
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A Short Description of our React.js Course
Welcome to our React.js course, where you will embark on an exciting journey into the world of modern web development. Our course is designed to teach you how to build attractive and responsive user interfaces using the popular React.js library.
Through a combination of hands-on exercises, interactive projects, and engaging lectures, you will learn how to use React.js to create dynamic web applications that are both functional and visually stunning. You'll also learn about the best practices for organizing and structuring your code, as well as how to integrate React.js in with other popular technologies such as Node.js and Redux. Whether you're just a beginner or an experienced developer who's looking to level up your skills, our React.js course has a lot to offer.
So come join us and discover the power and versatility of React.js!

How To Enroll
Fill in the form at the bottom and attach your cover letter and resume in English
Pass an interview with our recruiter
Pass interview with our tutor
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Take the first step towards unleashing your full potential as a web developer. Enroll in our React.js course today and join the ranks of those who dare to innovate and create. Let React.js be the key that unlocks your path to greatness on the web.
Our Mentors
  • Mykhailo Melnyk
    Meet Mykhailo Melnyk - a Javascript wizard who has over 5 years of professional experience. He's a master of cross-browser code, weaving together elegant solutions that work seamlessly across platforms. Mykhailo is a true artist when it comes to ensuring the flexibility and scalability of code, crafting digital landscapes that are both beautiful and functional.
    But that's not all - Mykhailo is also a gifted teacher. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and his enthusiasm for teaching is infectious. Mykhailo's approachable style and patient demeanor make him an ideal mentor for students at all levels. His talent for teaching React.js is particularly noteworthy, as he has a unique ability to help students to not just learn the language but to truly master it.
  • Ilya Ischenko
    Meet Ilya Ischenko - an experienced software developer with a passion for building powerful solutions that make a real difference. With his expertise in automated and unit testing, as well as a deep understanding of React, Vue.js, Next.js, Redux, Mobx, and react-query, Ilya has the skills and knowledge that's required to take on even the most complex projects.
    As a mentor, Ilya is a master at adapting and adjusting to his students' unique needs and finding individual approaches to help them succeed. Drawing on his broad range of experiences, his uncanny abilities help his students navigate through the most challenging aspects of the development process.

  • Vitalii Melnyk
    Meet Vitalii Melnyk - a Front-End software developer with a passion for building beautiful, functional solutions that delight users. With a deep expertise in React.js, Vitalii is able to craft intuitive, responsive interfaces that make complex tasks a breeze. Whether he's working on a new app or designing a sleek new interface, Vitalii's attention to detail and commitment to excellence shines through in everything he touches.
    But Vitalii's talents don't just stop there. He has a unique gift for helping students unlock their full potential as a React.js teacher. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your React skills up to the next level, Vitalii is the perfect guide to help get you on your path.

Program of Our React.js Course
How are the courses organized?
Lessons are held two times a week
Real-life exercises and solutions
Discussion of the study material in the group chats
Giving and checking homework
Feedback on an individual basis from the mentor
Reasons for Studying at Solvd Laba
  • We've successfully trained over 600 students
  • 70% of graduates become Solvd employees
  • We can make a job offer even before the course is finished
  • Hiring locations: Argentina, Ukraine and Poland
You are our perfect candidate if you have:
A Bachelor's degree
You are currently pursuing or already have a Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar
A computer literacy
Understanding of computer science basics and ability to work with various operating systems
A basic knowledge of JS
You've studied JS for at least 6 months to 1 year
A strong interest in Front-End development
You should be inspired and passionate about working with Front-End technology
A strong motivation to study
You're ready to devote at least 30 hours a week to studying
A minimum English level of B2/B2+
Both spoken and written
What can you get?
Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills adapted to today's IT market requirements
Employment opportunities for the best students
Projects for your portfolio (both individual and group projects)
Strengthening of your resume and consultation with our recruitment team
Reviews from learners
  • Abraham Trenyan
    "I really enjoyed the course, it was very well organized and planned. It was great to see all the information on the GitHub repo. Having the Slack channel with the tutors was a great help too. I liked that the course is project driven and you're expected to learn a lot by doing."
  • Julian Oviedo
    "The course really exceeded my expectations... I really learned a lot and in the best way. Also, I think it was a nice way to introduce the students to the real workflow and also, it's really nice to provide the opportunity for them to work in the company because that's a real motivation factor while taking the course. Anyway, I'm really happy to have been able to participate."
  • Brisa Rojas
    "The level of the course exceeded my expectations by far. The theoretical part was really well explained (not only about code syntax but best practices and conventions), solving the challenges was interesting and I really enjoyed doing it.
    I'd like to thank Mykhailo, Ilya and Vitalii for all the help and feedback given throughout the course, it was really useful for me!"
  • Pedro Moyano
    "I think the most important part of the course was the final project, which imitated the work logic you could find in a professional team of developers. The lecture parts were also important and the tutors were always willing to help students, so basically all the tools for learning were there."
  • Emiliano Acerbi
    "I really liked the course because it covered all of the most important concepts and technologies of Front-End web development. It went from the very basics of how the internet works to the latest tools that developers use today to build modern web applications. Additionally, the mentors were really attentive and always available to help or give feedback when needed. In summary, the course was really great overall and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn the latest technologies of web development and see how it feels to work on a project with multiple developers."
  • Federico Benitez
    'The course was a great path to learn about Front-End development. It had a lot of tasks and exercises that helped me learn more and practice. All of the classes were well explained."
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