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We are accepting applications now until January 31, 2024 from students in Poland and Argentina
5 months
2 times per week
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A Short Description of our Node.js Course
Welcome to our Node.js course! Here, you'll delve into the exciting world of server-side JavaScript and learn how to build scalable, high-performance applications. Our course is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of Node.js and its ecosystem.
We'll also provide you with hands-on experience building real-world applications. You'll learn how to work with Node.js modules, use popular frameworks, and harness the power of databases. By the end of the course, you'll have gained the skills you need to take your Node.js projects up to the next level! Join us today and unlock the full potential of Node.js!

How To Enroll
Fill in the form at the bottom and attach your cover letter and resume in English
Pass an interview with our recruiter
Pass interview with our tutor
Get an invitation letter for taking the course
Node.js is the Swiss army knife of web development - it's versatile, reliable, and it can do just about anything you need it to. With Node.js, with just a few lines of code, you can build anything from a simple website to a complex application. So come and learn the wonders of Node.js with us, and let's make programming great again!
Meet the mentor of the Node.js Course
Mikhail Tamashuk is not only a highly skilled full-stack software developer but he's also a dynamic and engaging teacher with a passion for sharing his deep knowledge and experience with others. As a teacher, Mikhail's ability to break complex concepts down into simple, easy-to-understand explanations has earned him a reputation as one of the best instructors in the industry. His courses on Node.js are highly sought after, and his students rave about his engaging teaching style and his ability to make learning fun and enjoyable.
The program of our Node.js Course
  • 30 hours of studying per week
  • 2 classes per week
  • 4 thematic blocks
How are the courses organized?
Lessons are held two times a week
Real-life exercises and solutions
Discussion of the study material in the group chats
Giving and checking homework
Individual feedback from the mentor
Reasons for Studying at Solvd Laba
  • We've successfully trained over 600 students
  • 70% of graduates become Solvd employees
  • We can make a job offer even before the course is finished
  • Hiring locations: Argentina, Ukraine and Poland
You are our perfect candidate if you have:
A Bachelor's degree
You are currently pursuing or already have a Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar
A computer literacy
Understanding of computer science basics and ability to work with various operating systems
A basic knowledge of JS
You've studied JS for at least 6 months to 1 year
A strong interest in Node.js and Back-End development
You should be inspired and passionate about working with Node.js and Back-End Development
A high motivation to study
You're ready to devote at least 30 hours a week to studying
A minimum English level of B2/B2+
Both spoken and written
What can you get?
Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills adapted to today's IT market requirements
Employment opportunities for the best students
Projects for your portfolio (both individual and group projects)
Strengthening of your resume and consultation with our recruitment team
Reviews from learners
  • Ignacio Narvaja
    "When I first saw the Course post on LinkedIn, I considered the opportunity to be the same as any other, having low expectations. However, when I received an email from the Talent Acquisition Manager with a proposal for an interview in the following days, I was excited, and my expectations for the course went higher. After being rejected in many other interviews and proposals, I was finally able to find what I wanted. During the course, I had to code, study and work hard, but the efforts have paid off, and now I can work remotely with what I'm passionate about."
  • Ezequiel Vazquez
    "I am happy to have participated in the Node.js lab, it met my expectations. It not only helped me to understand how the Node.js environment works but it also helped me a lot to improve my English communication skills and gain knowledge of specific real cases from highly experienced tutors"

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